New Century Scholars

Summary Reports:

Stanford.University will offer its 4th Engineering Education Scholars Workshop,
sponsored by the National Science Foundation:
"New Century Scholars: Teaching, Learning and Your Academic Career"
July 28 - August 2, 2002 ( Sunday - Friday )


"New Century Scholars: Teaching, Learning, and Your Academic Career"

This workshop is designed to help new engineering faculty from around the country understand learning and teaching practices which support effective learning for all students. Workshop activities will also address the integration of pedagogical knowledge with other forms of scholarship, recognizing the multiple demands for faculty productivity. Participants will work actively to redesign courses and instructional strategies, taking into consideration new information and research concerning teaching, learning styles, inclusive classroom learning, elements of effective lecturing, project-based learning, technology in teaching, time and stress management, developing a career strategy, and balance in personal and professional lives.


Who should apply?

Participants will consist of 30 engineering faculty with 1-3 years of experience as professors. Because we think the workshop will have a more lasting impact if participants have someone else from their own institution to continue the workshop conversation with, multiple applicants from the same institution are encouraged. Sole applicants from an institution are still welcome to apply, however; last summer approximately 25% of the participants came as sole representatives.

Applications are due by March 5, 2002 and are available at the link above for download.

Travel to and from Stanford must be paid for by the participant's sponsoring institution. Room and board will be paid for by the National Science Foundation and Stanford University.


Stanford University

Stanford is widely known as a research university, including its critical role in the birth and development of the technology-based industry surrounding it, known globally as "Silicon Valley," as well as for its achievements in numerous other fields. The University also devotes considerable resources to teaching and learning. This aspect of the community may be less well known. Stanford is fortunate in having a number of key resources directly aligned with the purpose of this workshop.

The 8,000 acre campus offers an environment conducive to learning and other scholarly exchange with colleagues. Workshop participants will be housed in campus dormitory facilities constructed in the mid-1980s, with attention to creating living spaces which encourage conversation and interaction while offering a reasonable degree of privacy.

Stanford Quad


Program Staff

Please refer your requests for further information or questions to Sheri Sheppard,, ph: 650-725-1590, fax: 650-723-3521, Stanford University, Mechanical Engineering, 503 Terman, Stanford, CA 94305


This program is sponsored by Stanford University, the Center for Teaching and Learning, the Stanford Learning Lab, the Synthesis Engineering Education Coalition, and the National Science Foundation.


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